It’s not really house style, but how fun is this picture? Brought to you by MAC’s Russian Red lipstick, numerous bottles of cleanskin red wine, Mexican superstar balladeer Jose (or Nunzio as he is occasionally known) and all the good folks at Aztecas in Randwick. Highly recommended, BTW, if you like a side of kitsch with your burritos.
Usually Jose serenades all guests with his guitar, but last night he insisted he was too unwell. He did offer to strip instead but we politely declined. Pity none of us thought of faking a birthday, though we did play the “these girls have come all the way from Queensland to hear you sing” card.
Later we accidentally crashed a private function, but when the free drinks kept coming we made the best of it. Reboot played party detective, deftly determining the cause for celebration (engagement), the identity of the happy couple (Ali and Ryan) and even brazenly smalltalking with Ali’s mum. Here’s cheers to many happy years for Ali and Ryan, it was a great night.