It’s like the stars aligning. Missing passport? Found. Flights almost ready to book? Check. Favourite band in the world playing all five of their albums in full over five October nights in New York City? Don’t mind if I do.

“New York City’s Terminal 5 will be presenting a historic five night run of shows in which My Morning Jacket will perform one of their full-length albums in its entirety each night, along with additional songs and covers from each album’s time period. The stint will kick off on Monday, October 18th, with a performance of the 1999 debut The Tennessee Fire, and will be followed chronologically by their next four full length albums, ending with 2008’s Evil Urges on Saturday, October 23rd.”

10/18 – Terminal 5 – New York City, NY – The Tennessee Fire
10/19 – Terminal 5 – New York City, NY – At Dawn
10/21 – Terminal 5 – New York City, NY – It Still Moves
10/22 – Terminal 5 – New York City, NY – Z
10/23 – Terminal 5 – New York City, NY – Evil Urges and beyond!

HELL YES. Pi, wanna come with? And I wonder if I can track down those bogans from Boston

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