It’s been raining for like two straight days. When you can’t celebrate such weather properly, ie by snuggling under the doona, drinking endless cups of Earl Grey and listening to Beach House, it’s quite miserable. Come back sun!

PS anyone in Sydney who likes a bit of photography should come to our Slide Night on Thursday evening. It’s at Tusculum House in Potts Point, it’s free, we’ll have beers and popcorn and possibly jaffas for that authentic old school cinema feel. Just RSVP to

There are about 20 different photographers’ work on show and I can’t even pick a favourite, there’s so much good stuff. Ok, I think maybe Braden Fastier’s amazing images of New Zealand curling teams are possibly my favourite. Or Dave Tacon’s series about IKEA in Shanghai – the Chinese people find the store so exotic they take families and dates there just to hang out, like a weird Swedish theme park. Or maybe Krystle Wright’s shots from the World Elephant Polo Championships – yeah, that’s a real thing. Just come and see for yourself!