My friend Todd was down from Brisbane last night, to play a gig with his band The Bloodpoets at Oxford Art Factory. Taking band photos is something I still need to do a lot of work on, but these ones came out kinda cool. The band’s name kinda says emo, but their songs are actually really catchy pop songs with elements of rock, punk and even a teeny bit of ska thrown in. Props to Bec for managing to bust out some dance moves, there was not much space at all!

The following band, Static Silhouettes looked all of 17 collectively, but were fantastically good. When he spoke between songs we weren’t convinced the singer’s voice had broken, but once he was singing you couldn’t take your eyes off him. May or may not have bailed the kid up while he was sitting out on the street in the van, hours later, and I was pleased to hear there looks to be a record deal in the works. Seriously, you heard it here first. These kids will be big.